How is TWO KINGS TICKETS able to offer so many tickets for so many events?
TWO KINGS TICKETS is the world's favorite and most trusted brand for premium event seating and tickets. Providing safe, easy, and convenient ways to purchase tickets, 24/7, we offer consumers access to the largest nationwide database of sports, concert, and theater tickets. You will find tickets for virtually every major sporting event and concert on our site.

Tickets listed on TWO KINGS TICKETS come from licensed brokers, as well as individual sellers. All tickets listed on TWO KINGS TICKETS are 100% Guaranteed or your money back.

How do I know that the tickets listed on TWO KINGS TICKETS are authentic?
We go to great lengths to make sure that the products we sell are authentic and the services we offer are beyond reproach. With the Internet's largest inventory of licensed brokers, as well as tickets from individual sellers available for purchase, you can shop our site with confidence knowing that all tickets listed on TWO KINGS TICKETS are 100% authentic or your money back. You'll only find legitimate tickets listed on TWO KINGS TICKETS. We guarantee it.

What are your office hours and locations?
Our office is open Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 8 pm (Eastern Time); from 10 am to 5:00 pm each Saturday; and 12 pm to 5:00 pm each Sunday. Of course, you are free to shop our Web site for tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Corporate Headquarters
10 Bay Street Landing, Ste.4M
Staten Island, NY 10301
(888) 954-6472

How do I contact TWO KINGS TICKETS?
click here to view our contact information.


What is your Privacy Policy?
TWO KINGS TICKETS is firmly committed to protecting your personal information while you are shopping on our site.

How do I know that my transaction is secure and that my personal information is protected?
TWO KINGS TICKETS ensures a safe, secure customer buying experience. Our offices are equipped with the latest computer technology powered by Microsoft BackOffice SBS. All transactions conducted on our Web site through a secure browser are protected by SSL software, the industry standard and the best software available today for secure online commerce business. All transactions are processed on our secure server with full 128-bit encryption. This means that all of your personal information, including your credit card number, name, and address, cannot be read as the data travels over the Internet. We invite you to shop with confidence of knowing that your personal information is protected at all times.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. All prices listed are in U.S. Dollars (USD). The billing address will be verified with your credit card company so you must use the exact address where your statements are sent. Should you require that the order be shipped to an alternate address we may require faxed authorization from you. This is done to protect both you and TWO KINGS TICKETS against fraudulent credit card use.

Cash will only be accepted in person at our offices,

TWO KINGS TICKETS typically does not accept personal checks.

Payment by cashiers check or money order may not be available on all ticket orders. If your request can be handled, the tickets may be held for up to 24 hours. The cashiers check or money order must be sent to us using an overnight delivery service.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Most tickets that we sell are not taxed. We collect tax as required by law.

How are my tickets shipped?
All tickets shipped will be done so via an express delivery service (i.e., Federal Express, Express Mail, messenger, etc.) and will require a signature. We use express delivery services requiring signature to ensure that your tickets arrive safely and that their location can be tracked at any time. You agree to provide us with a secure delivery location and authorize someone at that address to act as your agent in your absence to accept delivery of the package. If you provide a delivery location other than your credit card billing location, you hereby specifically agree to be responsible for that delivery and the tickets once delivered to the address you specify. You agree not to dispute such charges. Your expected ticket arrival date is based on the actual date we ship the order.

If your tickets are being delivered as electronic tickets (“e-tickets”) we will send them to the email address you provided, once your tickets are confirmed and processed.

What are my delivery options and what will I pay?
Please note that some orders will require 1-2 days processing time. The delivery method of your order is from the day that we ship the order, not the day the order is placed. All delivery times are subject to availability in your delivery area. Any other special delivery requirements can be quoted as requested.

FedEx Basic Delivery $15.00
One Day Shipping $20.00
Special Handling Delivery $10.00 (Special Handling can include, but not limited to emailed tickets, will call, pick up from other locations, etc.)

International Delivery (Canada/Mexico/Puerto Rico) $35.00
International Delivery (All other International Countries) $40.00
All prices are in US dollars.

My delivery method shows FedEx, how can I track my order?
Your TWO KINGS TICKETS invoice lists your estimated ship date and the Federal Express tracking number. You may track your package at www.FedEx.com anytime to be sure you are available to sign for the package. If your tracking number is listed as “TBD”, we will send you the tracking number when your tickets are ready to ship. From that point you can track your order. If your tickets do not arrive when expected please contact our Customer Care Department.

When can I expect delivery of my tickets?
All delivery options are based upon the date the tickets ship, not the date you placed the order. If the event tickets for your order are not currently available, they will be shipped as soon as they are received by us.

If you chose the delivery method e-tickets, it may take up to 48 hours for us to validate and reissue your tickets once they are available. We will send you an email with instructions that will allow you to easily print your tickets from your desktop. Please bring each printed sheet with you to the venue. These are your tickets.

If you choose FedEx as your delivery option, we'll send you an email, with a tracking number, when your order is ready to ship. Shipments via FedEx Standard delivery will be delivered approximately 2 business days (not including Saturday or Sunday) after your order is shipped. FedEx Overnight Delivery will be delivered the next business day after it ships. If we are unable to ship your tickets in time for this event, we will contact you to set up an alternate delivery method. Please note that some tickets require 1-2 days processing time. All event ticket order delivery times are subject to availability in your area.

I purchased tickets from TWO KINGS TICKETS but cannot attend the event. What is your refund/return policy?
There are no cancellations, refunds, or exchanges on any order once it has been submitted to us. This policy is in place because when you purchase your tickets, we secure and acquire those tickets for you and are not able to recover our costs.

If you have tickets you want to sell, you can do so by filling out our submission form on our website, which can be accessed

What if my event is cancelled?
If an event is cancelled we will provide a full refund for the amount that you paid for the tickets. Refunds are not offered for cancellations due to an act of God (rainout, earthquake, flood, etc.) or if a show is cancelled and refunds are not offered by the box office. Any shipping charges are not refundable. TICKETS MUST BE RECEIVED BACK IN OUR OFFICE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE CANCELLATION. We suggest returning tickets via certified mail or using a carrier that can provide you with proof of delivery. In case of a rainout or strike for a sporting event, no refunds will be made. The refund policy for rained-out events will be determined on a case by case basis by the team and we will attempt to notify you of what actions should be taken. In all other instances mentioned above we will attempt in every case to obtain a refund from the original seller of the tickets; however, no refund or percentage of refund can be guaranteed.

What if my event is postponed?
If an event is postponed or rescheduled, the tickets will be honored for the rescheduled event date. New tickets will not need to be issued for most rescheduled events or postponements. As we are not able to recover our costs on the tickets that we acquired for you, we in turn are unable to offer customers refunds on postponed or rescheduled events.

What if my tickets are lost or stolen?
When you receive your tickets, keep them in a safe place. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. Please note that direct sunlight or heat can damage some tickets.

Will my seats be together?
Yes, the tickets purchased in a single listing will be seated together, unless otherwise noted by the seller under “Notes.” Please review the ticket notes before making your final selection. The term piggy back refers to the same seats numbers but they are in two consecutive rows. Some venues will have even or odd numbered seats that are also consecutive.

Why are my tickets printed on a sheet of paper?
They are valid and 100% legitimate. Each ticket features a unique barcode that is scanned at the gate of the venue, just like a standard hard ticket in which most consumers are accustomed. Make sure you bring these tickets with you to the event as you will not be admitted without them. Simply present your ticket at the gate, the attendant will scan them, and you will be admitted. Do not copy your tickets as the venue will only allow one entry per unique barcode. Make sure you keep your ticket in a safe place and protect it as you would any other ticket.

Why does somebody else's name appear on my ticket? Did I receive the wrong tickets?
These are your tickets. The name that appears may have been the original purchaser of the ticket. Tickets are transferable and these are now your tickets.

What does 'comparable' or 'better' tickets mean?
The tickets you will receive will be an 'equivalent' (or 'comparable') or 'better' section and row than what you originally purchased. The exact section and row listed on your invoice may not be exactly as shown on your invoice. 'Equivalent' or 'comparable' may be a section with the same vantage point or a mirror image of that vantage point. Better may be a section closer to the stage or closer to the center of the event.

Can I purchase a TWO KINGS TICKETS Gift Card?
TWO KINGS TICKETS Gift Cards make great gifts. TWO KINGS TICKETS Gift Cards can be purchased for any event in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $500. Please call our offices so we can process a gift card for you.


If you have tickets to sell, you can offer your tickets for sale with TWO KINGS TICKETS. Simply click here to submit a request. We'll send you an email when the tickets sell so you can quickly ship your tickets to the customer and you get paid fast company check after the event passes.

For tickets sold on consignment, the seller will receive back face value plus typically 50% of the net profit of the tickets sold. Consignments are settled on a monthly basis, even if only some of the seller's tickets have been sold. The seller has the right to take his/her consignment tickets back at any time, in which event, the seller is responsible for shipping charges.

Two Kings Tickets at times will buy tickets outright. Two Kings Tickets, like any business, buys tickets at a wholesale price and strives to sell them at retail price. If you wish to sell your tickets and remove your financial risk, the outright price Two Kings Tickets will pay for tickets generally is between 50% and 75% off the asking retail price. If you would like to sell your tickets in this fashion, please complete our online submission form. Two Kings Tickets will contact you within 24 hours if they are interested.

I do not reside in the U.S. but I would like to list my tickets on TWO KINGS TICKETS. How do I do that?
Customers who would like to list their tickets on TWO KINGS TICKETS but do not reside in the United States, can complete our online submission form. Two Kings Tickets will then contact you with further details.


What is a ticket broker?
A ticket broker resells event tickets for a price determined by its market value through secondary sellers.

Why are the tickets on your site listed above face value?
Licensed ticket brokers and individual sellers generally sell their tickets at prices above face value. This price is known as the ticket's "market value."

Tickets are obtained from a variety of sources including season ticket holders and individuals who have extra tickets for events. To obtain these high-demand tickets, brokers pay a premium, or a price often well above face value. They then sell these tickets at market value. The market value price for a ticket is determined by many factors including seat location, supply and demand, date and location of event, etc. As an individual, you can also post tickets for sale through us.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the greatest selection of event tickets at competitive prices.

Is it illegal to sell tickets for more than face value?
No. It does generally require a license and set of standards to follow. We are licensed to sell in 98% of the markets and will notify you if we cannot. All transactions that we handle meet all state and local provisions.


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